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Re: Specifying TCP/UDP port for lockd under /etc/default/nfs-common


Most probably you're right, but take a look to this scenario :

You want to change the lockd ports. For this you have to stop->start the
nfs-common service, echo "port" > /proc/sys/fs/nfs/nlm_tcpport and start

When you're sure you want those ports, and if you want to preserve this
changes for the next boot, you now have to type them on /etc/sysctl.conf

Instead, if you can place them on TCPLOCKDPORT /etc/defaults/nfs-common
and then restart the service, it's already done for the next reboot.

That second approach sounds much more "debian like" to me. But I'm so far
not an expert on debian-policy so I might be totally wrong!


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> On Apr 26, David McGiven <david.mcgiven@fusemail.com> wrote:
> > Having a look on /etc/init.d/nfs-common and /etc/default/nfs-common (On
> > Debian Sarge) I don't find any smart way to specify those ports. It would
> > be great if we had an option to specify the ports on the file :
> > /etc/default/nfs-common
> No, it would not. We already have /etc/sysctl.conf for random sysctl
> settings.
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> ciao,
> Marco

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