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[orders #137369] Systems Support Online Autoreply

Thank you for writing to us at orders@emarket-group.com.
This email is being sent to you automatically to tell you
that we received your message titled:
  "Garather klagen ueber eskalierende Gewalt im Stadtteil!"

We typically respond to customer email within one or two
business days.  (Please note that "business days" means 
Monday through Friday; we are closed on the weekends.)

For an immediate change to your order - the best way to do
this is to cancel the current order. You can then replace
the order with the correct information. If you need to
cancel an order, go to Your Account, log in, and select the
order under "Open Orders." You will then see the order
detail, along with a Cancel button, which you can press to
cancel your order instantly.
You can cancel your order through our web site up to the
point when we start packing your shipment. If the Cancel
button does not appear, your order may be close to shipping.
Call 800-981-8620 to see if we can cancel the order.
To re-enter your order with whatever changes you would like
to see, you need only to log in as a returning customer and
repeat the ordering process.  You will need to re-enter your
credit card information, as this is not saved between orders
for your security.

If you haven't already, please be sure to check through the 
Help section and FAQ section of the site.  Many questions 
can be answered there in a much faster fashion than having 
to wait for a reply from us!  If you do find the answer to 
your question, please reply to this email letting us know.

Thank you very much for coming to our site!  We will do
everything we can to address your concerns and questions as
soon as possible.

If your problem or question is urgent, please call us at
800-981-8620 (toll free in US and Canada), Monday through 
Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.  Outside of the USA and
Canada, dial +1-503-445-8080.

  <orders@emarket-group.com>     eMarket Group, Ltd.

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