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Re: Referralware Home Business

Thanks again for visiting my Referralware website.
I'd like take a minute and give you some information on our core business -Melaleuca.

Melaleuca is  Replacement Shopping period. That's all Melaleuca is. You buy the products anyhow, why not get safer products for you and your family, plus make money too!

I?d like to share with you some real_numbers on the Melaleuca compensation plan.
All you need is 8-10 customers signed up in Melaleuca and you'll receive a monthly check of $400-$500 every month. As they get new customers your check grows as well up to 7 levels! That's BIG!!
Here is the breakdown.
New Enrollees: $125.00 (5 x $25) Melaleuca pays $25 bonus per enrollment after the first 2 each month. This person could have earned an additional $25 if the paperwork had been completed for one of them. ANOTHER NOTE: As his enroller with an active status of  Director 2 or higher you earn a matching $125.

Value Pack Bonus: $120.00 (4 x $30) the best way to get started is with the $199.00 Value Pack. 

Product Introduction Commission: 92.39 (20% of new enrollees first order)

Organization 7% Commission: 24.85

Director Bonus: $100 Melaleuca pays one time leadership bonus money each time you achieve a Director Leadership level.

We have a great rotator you can get into thru our group!  It works little faster than the guaranteed sign ups do thru Referralware. And it does work! All it is is a numbers game. You get the people in your Referralware website thru our Rotator and Boom. They sign up for Referralware and then you get them into the core business that really makes you residual income and there's where you make the big money! 
 If you would like more information on our core business, please come to one of our online orientation presentations.
We have them every monday, tuesday and thursday. 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Here is the link to get into the presentation chat room. The Melaleuca Presentation is the second part of the orientation and Referralware is the first part.


Just type in your name once it downloads and hit enter. Some people have better luck manually downloading the chat room for the presentation.

Hope to see you there and making lots of money in a few months!!

Have a great day,

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