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Sleep soundly and awake rested! 80

Continued claims, the number of people out of work for a week or more, rose slightly to 3.06 million in the week ended Mar. 6, the latest data available, from 3.02 million the prior week.
Beyond privacy issues, the airlines say there are questions about how the government plans to implement CAPPS II. May said that 70 percent of airline reservations now are made through third parties such as travel agents and computerized reservation systems.


The TSA also wants to use the program to catch violent criminals, which it says is a way to safeguard air passengers. But May said that will take the focus of the program away from the TSA's mandate to prevent terrorism.
The guidelines seek to ensure the Transportation Security Administration collects only personal information pertaining to aviation security, stores it securely and gets rid of it as soon as travel is completed. The airlines also said that passengers must be allowed to see their personal information and correct any errors.
?Government must continually be prodded to produce results for its citizens rather than sluggish inaction for its bureaucrats. There are hundreds of well-meaning programs in Washington but only the ones that are driven by results truly serve the public. We must continue to make sure the federal government has this single-minded focus,? said Senator Fitzgerald.

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