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Cost Effective Product Documentation

Do you need visual documentation to more effectively describe your products for print or internet/e-commerce purposes? 
We specialize in producing content for product manuals, catalogs and marketing material. 
Hourly rate: $40 (typically takes 3-4 hours per item depending on its complexity.)

We are attentive to detail with a fast turnaround and are extremely cost competitive and deliver quality work developed according to your specifications. We offer a discount for first-time customers.

Please reply to this e-mail 
To subcribe to our mailing list, send an email to: johnieb2@access4less.net with the word SUBCRIBE  in the subjectline
To be removed from our mailing list, send an email to: johnieb3@access4less.net with the word REMOVE  in the subject line.


John Bode

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