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Attracting and Retaining Top Architectural Professionals

Dear Architectural Professional,

    No one knows better than you how hard it is to attract and retain top
quality professionals today. 

   Industry experts tell us the best way to attract and retain top quality
employees is with a broad selection of employee benefits. In today's tough
economic climate many firms are being increasingly crushed between the
twin sledge hammers of double digit cost increases and employees calls for
more benefits. 

   I work with firms like yours in a way that allows employers to be able
to offer their employees a broader selection of benefits without it
costing the employer one extra penny! In fact we can often save the
employer a significant amount of money. We just save one client we were
working with $16,000.00. Plus we eliminated a lot of the work and
paperwork that was straining the resource of the already stressed HR

   We give your HR department and Plan Administrator access to lots of
free resources - like an HR web site - a library of information and the
latest on government regulations and compliance issues. We even put
together a customized video for an assisted living facility that explained
not only our benefits but the employers core benefits. Now, instead of
having an HR person devote their time to explaining the benefits to the
new employee - they just hand then a video. 

   Simple - that's our goal to make your job simple, give your employee
more benefits and save the employer money. Give me a call at
(973)962-1865. I'll answer any questions you have. Or send me an email
with your telephone number and the best time to call and I'll call you.

Ted Sudol 

PS The benefit plans we offer are individual policies and are completely
portable but since they are underwritten on a group basis (which lowers
the premiums) we require a minimum of three participants. So we normally
suggest the company we work with have a minimum of 10 employees

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