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Apologies from TrafficWoW

Dear Sir, Madam,
You got on a list that went round and round and for this we are very 
 This only happens when we have issues with our IT infrastructure and 
as a company totally respect your desire to be excluded from this 
list. Please read our policy beneath this text or proceed to: 

 We are sorry for any inconvience caused.
 Kind Regards

 The Trafficwow team!
 All emails present in our mailing lists are not unsolicited and are 
NOT SPAM. They were collected because users have either answered 
classified ads to which we post hundreads of thousands of ads daily, 
posted to any of thousands of our FFA pages, are on the same opt-in 
lists (we manage and are members of thousands of opt-in lists around 
the world) or have sent us something in the past.

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