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WTS: HP best prices

Title: IT-NEWS from BlueCom Danmark A/S (all)

Dear Partner,

Attached you will find the best market prices for HP products. All products are in stock - ready to ship.

Below we have listed a few of our best offers on HP equipment and other selected products:

We URGENT need the following: 150pcs HP LaserJet 4050 (Target 783,00 USD)

We sell the following:

D8902A HP 71 17" Color Monitor
157.50 USD
D8905A HP 72 17" Color Monitor 100+
162,50 USD
D8911A HP 91 19" Color Monitor
238.00 USD
D8912A HP P920 19" Color Monitor
256.00 USD
D8915A HP P1120 21" Color Monitor
544.00 USD
F2116W HP Omnibook XE3 PIII700 14TFT 64/10 W98
1103.00 USD
F2112W HP Omnibook XE3 Cel550 14TFT 64/5 W98
743.00 USD
F2072W HP Omnibook 6000 Cel550 14TFT 64/5 W98
870.50 USD
F2079K HP Omnibook 6000 PIII600 14TFT 128/6
1132.50 USD
F2081W HP Omnibook 6000 PIII600 14TFT 64/6 W98
1132.50 USD
P2025A HP E-Vectra P733 128Mb 8.4Gb CD lan W98
445.00 USD
P3298A HP Vectra VL400 SF P800 64Mb 10Gb CD lan W98
472.50 USD
P2792A HP E-PC C700 128Mb 10Gb lan W98
366.00 USD
P2214G HP Pentium III 1000Mhz 133Mhz
204.50 USD
IC35L040AV IBM HDD 40Gb 7200 RPM IDE
103.00 USD
ST340810A SEAGATE HDD 40Gb 5400 RPM IDE U6
82.00 USD
G45-MDHA32 Matrox Mil. G450 32Mb DDR RAM
81.00 USD
C4455A HP 9210i Internal SCSI 8X4X32 Retail
57.00 USD
C4456A HP 9210e External SCSI 8X4X32 RETAIL
57.00 USD

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also visit the home page: http://www.bluecom.com

You can also go to our web site and see some of our partner possibilities:

1) Our Supplier Lounge (SRM) is a tool where you can see all the products we need today, and our target prices, quantities, and so on. The web site is: http://www.bluecom.com/scm/start.cfm

2) Our PC-Components costumer lounge with REAL-TIME updated OEM prices list for all your PC-Component needs. http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/registration.cfm We also offer 24 hours delivery in Europe and CREDIT terms to our approved customers.

3) Our IBM, Compaq and HP Retail Option stock List is a complete real-time updated stock list for IBM, Compaq and HP Retail Box Options: http://www.bluecom.com/rostocklist/

4) IT-News Do you want to stay updated on the trends in the IT market or get our view on where the prices are going? Don?t miss IT.NEWS every Tuesday directly by e-mail. Subscribe right here for FREE!!!


5) You can also go direct to our Purchasing Department, if you have any good offer to us: http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/purchase.cfm

6) You can go direct to our Export Sales Department if you want to buy some of our products:

Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/export_sales_I.cfm

USA, UK, Sweden, Spain http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/export_sales_II.cfm

Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/export_sales_IV.cfm

PC-Components http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/export_sales_oem.cfm

If you do not have access please go to: http://www.bluecom.com/rootfiles/registration.cfm

We look forward to a long-term business relationship

Best regards

BlueCom Danmark A/S

Kim D Abildgaard
Sales Manager

Blokken 11-13, DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark
Phone: + 45 45 94 55 55, Fax: + 45 45 94 55 00
Web: www.bluecom.com

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