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Debian boot system

  I've been pondering a new way to boot a Unix system,  and I was hoping to 
hear your oppinion about it or if anyone has already attempted to implement 

  The problem with current booting systems, is that the booting is 
sequential, and each element of the boot process waits for the former 
element, although most of those elements are not dependant on all former 

  A simple solution to this problem,  is to describe the boot process with a 
simple Makefile, which is more powerful in its description of dependencies, 
and could even make management of the boot system simpler.   This Makefile 
will also make the booting system easily parallel, using the -j feature of 
GNU make.

  The last advantage of this system, is the fact it should increase error 
tolerance, increase the booting speed, and thus lower downtime.

  Was this system ever considered?  Should I create a draft Makefile to boot 
the system?

Eyal Lotem

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