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Re: When unstable breaks

On Tue, Oct  3, 2000 at 12:38:56 -0700 (+0000), Joey Hess wrote:
> Adrian Bridgett wrote:
> > > one word: unstable
> > > second word: testing
> > 
> > True, however it does hold things up and causes inconvenience.  How about a
> > box which only mirrors files from a few days ago - i.e. it's kept out of
> > date.  Then you can get the old packages rather than hoping the ones in
> > stable are recent enough.  By the time that the new, broken files get
> > mirrored, the bugs will probably have been squashed.
> Um, you've just described the second word. 

??  I've no problem with running unstable and getting bitten every now and
again - I know the risks and choose to take them.  You have an objection to
making it safer to run unstable?   I'm just suggesting something which may
ease the pain if/when it strikes.   A  "morning-after" pill if you like.


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