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The Luklinski Back Pain Clinic
92 Harley Street, London W1 England.
Tel: London 0207- 487- 5492 Emergencies:0410-901140


Dear Sir/Madam,

Some 400,000 back operations are performed in the USA every year although the majority of these operations are unnecessary and ineffective.

If most of these operations are ineffective, why are they performed?

They are carried out because a great deal of money (mainly belonging to medical insurance companies) follows the patient to the operating theatre. Consultants earn referral and operating fees from hospitals which in turn provide consultants with free facilities and consulting rooms from which to practice. It is therefore not in anyone's interest to turn away patients by suggesting alternative treatment options, and the medical insurance companies and patients themselves are not in a postition to know any better or to dispute recommendations made by a surgeon.

Whether you are a patient or a medical insurance company, you need to know that there are effective alternatives to undergoing spinal surgery. You need to stop thinking about surgery and consider physical therapy. In 30 years of practice, we have only had to refer two patients for surgery.

For information on non-surgical treatment of spinal conditions please visit our UK website.

Back surgery has proved to be ineffective in the vast majority of operations, because the overall majority of spinal disorders are due to mechanical trauma, which can be effectively treated without surgery. Common conditions such as herniated discs, nerve root compression, scoliosis etc can all be cured or at least made symptomless using our methods of treatment which form an essential part of Orthopaedic Medicine.

If you can afford to pay for spinal operation, you can easily afford to come to London for a month's treatment (that usually all it takes), while staying at a 5-star hotel in the bargain. You will return to your country a new person with your back and wallet intact.

The average cost of curing a herniated disc condition at our clinic is £3,000-£4,000, while  the cost of staying for a month in a top hotel (£3,000) and air travel (£800) between the USA and London still means that the final price compared to surgery is cheap.

One difference that you are sure to notice is that you won't be crippled for life as a result of unnecessary spinal surgery. And how much is that worth to you in terms of money?

Yours faithfully,



PS: Please pass on this information if you know of somebody who has a back problem.




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