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Do you have a little place on w.d.o for a translation center ?


I've made some little scripts which check for the level of translation of
every debian packages.

It is really inspired from www.gnome.org/i18n/status.shtml, just  
extended, and not only for gnome programs. :)

I've posted here an announcement from a previous version, without result.

Here are the changes since the last time :
- wml integration. It is ready to be integrated to the debian web
pages. it uses slices to allow easy translation. It is designed as
distrib/vendor.CD (only faster :)
- ftp method support. You don't have anymore to have a local source, which
is good for me, because I don't have such thing, but I've a big internet

You can see the results of this scripts at :
But as my school's server doesn't handel content negociation, it's a
'nice' mess. All links are broken, and you have to come back to the given
adress after each page to choose another.

The second problem is that the script is still running as I write
this. That's why only 827 packages are on the pages. But it should be
corrected soon...

You can find the french and the english version (proof that it can be
translated :)

The file dtc.tgz is the archive of the source files.
The file dtc.data.tgz is the archive of my actual db file.

I really think this should go to w.d.o/international/???/
The ??? could be dtc for debian translation center. It would be better
because the homepage of debian says "debian goes international", and when
you follow the link, it's only the web pages which goes international (and
since few days, the ddp content). But nothing yet about the translation of
debian programm themselves.

I know all the english text need to be corrected, since my english is so
bad. Help needed...

By the way, I not a develloper :)

Thanks for reading until the end, Mt.

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