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Re: Bug#62687: JDK 1.2 is available from blackdown.org

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000 22:06:46 Stephen Zander wrote:
> severity 62687 wishlist
> thanks
> >>>>> "exa" == exa  <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> writes:
>     exa> The major update jdk1.2.x which offers a lot of improvements
>     exa> and impl. for the new Java APIs is available. Since the Java
>     exa> support is much better in that release, it should be put in
>     exa> potato.
> Java2 (jdk1.2) is currently not packaged due to it's licensing not
> allowing redistribution for third-parties.
> Until/unless I hear from someone in Blackdown/Javasoft regarding
> redistribution there can't be a Debian jdk1.2 package.
> Cc'd to -devel to discourage more of these questions :)

Arrrrgh. All right. I now remember some of the facts about
Sun's lovely community and its darling licenses. BTW, thanks
for CC'ing to the devel list. What about a JDK1.2 installer then?
There is the installer for ibm-jdk1.1 so an installer for
blackdown's jdk1.2 won't hurt. Perhaps, it'll even make those hard
working guys happier. There had been quite a debate about Sun
not playing nicely with them recently...

Stay cool,


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