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Re: i386->powerpc cross compiler (netboot)

On Mon, Apr 10, 2000 at 03:09:38PM +0200, David N. Welton wrote:
> On a related, PPC, note, is it possible to net-boot an imac with
> Linux? NetBSD works fine, but I'm not sure about the latest status of
> Linux.

yes, it involves setting up bootp, tftp and yaboot, check recent
debian-powerpc archives where BenH posted a note on the yaboot
configuration option for that. here is a quote:

Several things:

 - Configure your bootp/tftp server so that it assigns an IP address
   to the machine and download yaboot binary to the client as the
   boot image.

 - On the tftp server, along with yaboot itself, put yaboot.conf, the
   and eventually the ramdisk

 - In yaboot.conf, use path of the form "enet:file" (or "enet:0,file"
if you
   are having problems with the first one).

Example of yaboot.conf I use for netboot:

 image = enet:vmlinux
 label = linux
 initrd = enet:ramdisk.image.gz
 initrd-size = 8192

Ethan Benson

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