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Problems with OpenSSH and BIND

If I connect to another local machine with ssh after named has been
restarted my system always goes online.

Does anyone else have this problem?

The address of the other machine can be resolved by the local DNS
without problems. Reverse DNS lookups do work.

I can use other services like ping and telnet without the described

When I'm using ssh to connect to host "magellan" from host "columbus"
the following lines are written to my log file:

21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.274 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.274 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.275 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.276 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.280 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.280 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:09:29.281 XX+/

One of these queries causes the system to dial out. I think, it's the
one without the domain or the one with the double domain.

I'm pretty sure that my BIND configuration is okay.

When I'm using telnet the following lines are output and everything
works fine:

21-Feb-2000 18:28:01.330 XX+/
21-Feb-2000 18:28:01.332 XX+/

PS: I'm asking this on debian-devel since I haven't got an answer
on debian-user.

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