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Proposal (was: should we split up the Packages file in main (for woody))


On Sun, 13.02.00 21:24 +0200, ressu@uusikaupunki.fi wrote:
> ok, lets face it.. the packages file in slink is something like <500K 
> (in i386) in potato its >800K.. i think it might be time to start 
> splitting it up... 

Every entry in the packages line has a MD5sum entry. Why not taking this
as index and let apt-get ask only for new entries much like the way news 
server check new articles against a history file.

Beneath the traditional monolithic "Packages" file we would have:

Each directory would have about 50-100 files (current calculation for main).
The MD5sum.list would just be a `find` output, which would be of minimal

The implentation work would probably be very small.




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