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RE: removed from potato

> That is why I _must_ rely on the package maintainers, or 
> other interested parties, to evaluate the release-critical bugs on 
> their packages.  If they don't, then there is a possibility that a 
> package is removed when it needn't be.  That's unfortunate, but I'm 
> not going to let it cripple the release process.  I'd rather release 95% 
> of potato in a few weeks than 100% in a few months.
> The reason I haven't removed more packages yet is that doing so is
> a lot of work.  Each package doesn't take much time, but it adds up
> (see math above).  I'll do another round soon, though.
For what it's worth, I think we can permanently remove Premail from
the distribution.

I've been "maintaining" it for some time, but there hasn't been an upstream
release in over a year, the upstream author doesn't use or work on it
anymore, and the licensing provisions are confusing as to whether I
would be allowed to fork the package (even if I wanted to).

Add to that the fact that many mail clients now provide nearly all the
features that Premail was designed to help with, and I think you can
agree that Premail's usefulness is limited.

Let's just get rid of it and be done with it.



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