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Re: Program to look at web pages and compare prices

Unidentified Flying Banana, code named Richard Stallman, wrote:
Is there a project to develop a free program that would look at
various web sites for you, and show you the prices for which you
could get a given item from various places?

I don't know of any program to do this, however I know of a website that performs a similar function. The site is http://www.pricewatch.com. While I don't profess to know for sure, it would seem that writing a program to do this would be exceedingly difficult, as it would require constant updating of a lot of rapidly changing information, both in prices, and in retailers.

As I understand it, the price information used at PriceWatch is updated by the retailers themselves, and thus should be about as accurate as possible. Convincing them to do the same for a software project would be a lot of work, I think.

If you know of such a project, please tell me.  If I don't
find out about one, I will try to get one started.

I don't know if this helps, or if this is what you're looking for, but it's about the closest thing I've seen.

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