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RE: Policy for default mount points?

> On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 07:54:29AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > /mnt            ... anything temporarily mounted
> > /m/a            ... floppy
> > /m/cdrom        ... cdrom
> > /m/zip          ... zip-drive (ext2)
> > /m/zap          ... zip-drive (vfat)
> > /m/NFS_host1    ... host mounted via nfs
> > /m/NOVELL_host1 ... host mounted via ncpfs
> > 
> > So I have a single dir for all external file systems and my / is es
> > empty es possible.  In any case I try to keep / small.
> > The people who deal with policy should have two or three minutes to
> > think this idea over.
> I think it's a local administrator issue. It's completely your own
> decision
> where to mount these things. I think it is just too hard to provide
> somewhere
> for it. I find subdirectories of /mnt hideous, but I have no problem with
> making new directories in the root! Somebody did point out that the FHS
> prohibits new directories in /, but that just means that Debian can't
> make them for you -- the local admin is of course free to do so.
> Looking at your above mounts, I would use instead:
> /mnt for temp mounts, mtools for floppy, /cdrom for cdrom, /zip for zip
> disks, and some others for NFS/ncpfs stuff.
> A query: where do people do real work on their Debian systems?
> For any group projects, it's ugly to work in someone's home directory.
> The FHS doesn't suggest a good place. At one of my jobs (a very small
> company) we have a directory in /usr/local, but we do all our work off
> on private machines and just use that place for transfer. At my other job
> (a big company) we have a new top level directory, which I think is the
> only really practical way to do it.
I guess nothing is perfect.  We use a combination of cvs
and special "project" users and groups.  A special user
account is created with the name of the project (or subsystem).
It has a home directory and tree of subdirectories.  This tree
is usually copied in some form with cvs modules (modules within
modules,...).  Folks can work on parts in their own space and then
install to the project tree.  The final stuff is usually owned by
the project account.  All developers have project account access and
are in whatever special groups are needed.  Our group is really
small so this works out ok.  We have never had a problem with 2 or
more folks working on the same source at the same time.
It works on hpux, dec unix, debian linux, aix.  The cvs repository
is on a central machine.


> Hamish
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