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Re: Package maintainer scripts

At 19:26 +0300 1999-07-12, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 05:25:38PM +0200, Jerome Marant wrote:
Can I find somewhere skeletons for postinst, preinst, postrm and prerm
scripts so avoiding the whole rewriting that leads to many bugs ?

There are no skeletons, because those scripts are used for many purposes.
Many packages don't need them at all and many packages have differing
requirements on what a postinst should do.  So, really, all you can do is to
bake your own and go shopping for reusable parts from others' scripts.

Actually there is a possibility of skeleton scripts, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote some a while back and posted to debian-mentors.

Message is here: <http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-mentors-9804/msg00029.htm l>.

I put a broken up version of this at: <http://web.espy.org/debian/skeletal-maintainer-scripts/>.

Another message which talks about potential issues with those scripts: <http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-mentors-9805/msg00042.htm l>.

Incidentally, this sort of question is generally better asked on debian-mentors.
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