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"Improve your CHARGEBACK RATIO now !!!".

ONE PHONE CALL will save your business.

o  Is your chargeback ratio high?
o  Do you have problems with your merchant account because of a 
   chargeback ratio?
We understand the difficulty of being an online merchant.  
Processing sales
by credit cards on the Internet lure chargebacks. Some merchants 
millions of dollars as they strive to meet the challenges of 
chargebacks. Thousands of merchant accounts are terminated due to 
chargebacks every month.
We are here to help your company to reduce the chargeback ratio.
Let us know if you are interested.
Call now 1-800-514-2525 and find out how we can improve the 
ratio of your company. 

Presented to you by NetCharge Inc. 
13567 NW Cornell Rd. #346
Portland, Oregon 97229

Thank you,
Customer Service
InternetCharge <http://www.internetcharge.com>

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