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Re: CVS version of samba not glibc 2.1 ready? Howto downgrade?

At 22:18 +0200 1999-05-04, Nils Rennebarth wrote:
I upgraded my workstation to a few potato packages, including the 2.1 libc
and libc6-dev because some packages needed it. It broke a few things but
that appears to be repaired now.

I would appreciate knowing what broke.

The current CVS version of samba doesn't compile with this libc. The
configure scripts recognize stat64, readdir64 et. al, but compilation, using
the dirent64 struct fails, so either autoconf or the code is wrong.

I would ask if it compiles on any other platform with LFS, it is possible glibc 2.1 has bugs in its LFS implementation.

Also NR_OPEN does not exist as a define, although the source includes

NR_OPEN is a kernel define, AFAIK. The glibc 2.1 equivalent is OPEN_MAX, however glibc 2.1 does not define a static constant for it, it seems it expects programs to use sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX) at runtime. The glibc documentation for sysconf (`info libc sysconf') suggests checking for a macro definition first and calling sysconf if the macro is not defined.

Is it possible to downgrade to the libc 2.0 development system again or do I
need to switch to another computer?

If you didn't do a full upgrade, it should be fairly easy, if not, it can be a bit difficult.
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