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Re: glibc 2.1 notes

At 07:12 +0000 1999-03-02, Oliver Elphick wrote:
Joel Klecker wrote:
 >At 13:30 -0700 1999-02-28, John Lapeyre wrote:
 >>	How important is this? Should we search the source of
 >>our packages ?  What kind of strings should I look for ? 'UTMP' ?
 >It is quite important, if the program is to work correctly (for
 >example `who' which reads utmp directly shows no output, while `w'
 >which uses the appropriate libc functions shows users logged in).
 >You want to look for the functions, utmpname, setutent, getutent,
 >pututline, etc. (i.e. the list in the message you replied to).

I don't understand that; surely programs ought to be using those functions,
so one that does is OK.  Shouldn't we be looking for /etc/{uw}tmp?

I mean look for those functions to see if the code is doing the right thing.
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