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Packages I am orphaning.

I am now orphaning[0] or previously orphaned the following:

	knl - This is a fairly nice replacement for rdev and friends

		the package is bug-free and lintian-clean

	vgrind - Run-off preprocessor for program sources

		One lintian warning
		Our vgrind is out of date with regard to upstream
		(Net|Free|Open)BSD, it should probably be upgraded.

	pciutils - Utils for listing/tweaking PCI devices in 2.1/2.2 kernels

		Bug-free, lintian-clean
		There are some upstream alpha releases that would be nice to
		have packaged somewhere, but not essential

	zile - A small editor that tries to be emacs-like

		One bug, lintian-clean

	macutils - Utils for dealing with specially encoded Mac OS files

Three bugs, none of which are really fixable (they are about the
		inability to deal with some proprietary archive formats)

Tarballs of my current devel tree for all of these are at: <ftp://ftp.espy.org/pub/debian/>

[0] However, WNPP may consider knl and pciutils as "Packages you need a new maintainer for"
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