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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

On 04-Jan-99, 14:06 (CST), Zack Brown <zbrown@lynx.neu.edu> wrote: 
> Since the adoption of the constitution, there has not been a single
> stable release. I don't mean that as a criticism, but I think that,
> more important than X 3.3.3, more important than linux 2.2.0, is
> Debian itself. Will it prove itself capable of creating usable
> releases, or will it just become a domain of hackers and be left
> behind when the world switches to linux?

While I don't believe that the adoption of the constitution has much to
do with it, I think the final question is vital. Are we going to make
releases (which I think *are* important, for a sense of closure and
accomplishment, if nothing else), or are we just going to dump packages
into a repository, some of which work together, on good days.

I becoming more and more enamoured with the idea that the new unstable
doesn't exist until we release the existing frozen. Or at least that a
maintainer can't upload to the new unstable until all his[1] release
critical bugs are fixed.

On a somewhat related topic, why is it that even though I run dselect
only against slink, new packages are *still* popping up? Is this a whole
new definition of the word "frozen" of which I was unaware?


[1] If English had gender neutral singular personal pronouns[2], I would
use them. It doesn't, so I can't.

[2] Or whatever the correct term is.

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