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Re: xterminal

>> Now why I am writing...
>> I extracted a _very_ small Linux-System out of my hamm to be installed on
>> a server as the root-filesystem for x-terminals. Without X-Server and
>> Kernel it is about 1.5 MB. With both less than 4MB. (Uncompressed)
>> Ask me for details.
>> (Maybe I should discuss my approach with some Linux-Pro's?)
>> Now I would like to know if there is anybody interested in me making a
>> special root-filesystem-for-xterminal.deb package out of it?

  I've thought about doing this sort of thing in the past.  My idea was to
write a program that would take the appropriate files off an existing server
system and package them up for the NFS client.  The aim of is that you will
install various versions of the different base packages on your server and
upgrade/patch them until they work.  Then you essentially duplicate this to
your NFS-root systems.

This is the noise that keeps me awake

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