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Re: Uploaded sgml-data 0.4 (source all) to masterssh

[You (Manoj Srivastava)]
>	I have the new psgml built already. Should I just upload it
> and conflict with jade (<= 1.0.1), sp (<= 1.1.1) and recommend jade
> 1.1? (That means that there shall be no interim versions of jade and
> sp, and jade 1.1 shall provide sp that psgml needs)


>	Let me know if you are going to call jade 1.1.0 or something. 

No, it's called 'jade-1.1-1'.  Upstream is jade 1.1.  This will include
sp-1.3.  It will conflict with 'sp'.  Maybe in my next version I'll try
to get the libs to be shared and make a nice jade-dev (and jade-dbg??)
packages also.

I'm noticing some strange stuff about the control file:
  * depends on sgml-data -- why
  * priority extra -- why?  I switched this to optional.

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