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libc5 uploads for bo

Hi folks!

Some maintainers release libc5-compiled packages for "bo" from time to
time. This is generally a good thing and we'll hopefully have a
"bo-updates" (or "bo-unstable" or whatever) directory created on master
soon. (It has already been decided that such a directory will be created.)

With the uploads, special care has to be taken of how to choose the

  1. The version should be distinct from the "unstable" version (e.g.
     to identify bug reports)

  2. The version has to be greater than the "stable" version and
     less than the "unstable" version (to make upgrades to the "unstable"
     version possible)

Thus, I suggest the following versioning convention for "bo-uploads":

  For a bo-uploaded package, the version number is taken from the
  corresponding "unstable" package, with the Debian revision decremented
  by 1 and ".bo" appended.

  For example, "foo_1.2-5" in unstable will be "foo_1.2-4.bo" in



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