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Re: timely archives of list

On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Arto Astala wrote:

> Hi,
> there seems to be a time lag upto about a week in web archives
> is the archive run done once a week? Also archive gets quite
> big at the end of month. I would like to see weekly archives
> of the *current* month, older can be monthly only. Also the 
> weekly archive should be updated nightly.



You may want to try using http://www.lh.umu.se/~bjorn/mhonarc-files/
for access to the latest 200 messages posted to debian-devel and
debian-user. This archive is updated three times a day.


- - - - umop apisdn 'sdoo - - - -
Bjorn Isaksson <bjorn@mdc.umu.se>  

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