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Re: Libc6 progress: 1997-11-03

On Nov 03, Richard Braakman wrote
> Michael Meskes wrote:


> > Depends: netstd, libc6, xlib6 (>= 3.2-0), xlib6g (>= 3.3-5)
>                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> xftp seems to depend on both the libc5-based and libc6-based versions
> of the X libs.  One of Dirk Eddelbuettel's packages had the same
> problem.  I don't know what caused it (probably a bug in the
> dependency list rather than the actual binaries), but recompiling
> seems to fix it.  I'd guess it was a problem with the shlibs file of
> earlier xlib6 releases, or some interaction with fakeroot and xaw3d.
> (I vaguely remember seeing shlibs-related fixes for the latter two).

I had this problem because of various xlib6 entries in
/etc/dpkg/shlibs.default. I changed them to things like this:

libPEX5 6       xlib6g

and all now works properly (thanks to Herbert Xu!). I think it was a Xaw3d
problem - I have both xaw3d and xaw3dg installed (looking at it, xaw3dg
replaces and provides xaw3d so I should get rid of xaw3d - maybe this will
fix the problem "properly").


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