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Re: Libc6 progress

David Welton wrote:

>Redoing indent for libc6, will do a non maintainer upload today.  I
>compiled find, so if there are other considerations, please let me know.

Excellent :)

I can't parse "I compiled find", though.  Perhaps a typo for "It
compiled fine"?  In that case, yes, often the packages only need
recompiling.  But this is also a good opportunity to check the
Standards-Version field, and bring it up to date with (or  If the package is in the old source format this probably
means repackaging it completely.

>Will we be seeing this list more or less every week?  I find it useful in
>that it provides a nice list of packages from which I can pick and choose
>to do some non-maintainer uploads:-)

I didn't plan to, because it's a bit long, but I can do it very easily
if there's interest.  I'm going to keep it up to date anyway, for my own
reading pleasure :-)

joost witteveen already pointed out an error in the list: xaw3d should
not be listed, because it is the libc5 version of xaw3dg.  The same
probably goes for xaw95, but I can't find the libc6 version of that.

Richard Braakman

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