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Re: Package available for new maintainer.

> On Thu, 06 Mar 1997 23:07:07 GMT "Jose'_Ramos_Goncalves" 
> (J.R.Goncalves@reading.ac.uk) wrote:
> > With bug reports like the one below, I reached the conclusion that
> > I'm not prepared to maintain the diald package. Therefore I would like
> > to offer it to someone better prepared (and more patient) to 
> > maintain it. Keep in mind that it's not easy to be a Debian
> > maintainer (sometimes we have to hear all sorts of insults like
> > the one below).
> I've taken diald after some private email with Jose.
> I'll do my best to keep my head very cool with Mr Orn E. Hansen.
> Phil.


Sorry for overreacting about Orn's bug report. I will try to keep
my head cool next time. I passed diald on to Philippe Troin because I
think he's better prepared to maintain it. Also I would like to
say that I will continue to maintain my other packages (I didn't
give up as a Debian maintainer). I don't mind having bug reports. I
try to fix them as quick as I can and follow suggestions from more
experienced maintainers.

My apologies to all.


     J. RAMOS Goncalves | E-mail: J.R.Goncalves@reading.ac.uk   
     Department of Physics - University of Reading - England - U.K.

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