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Re: Debian WWW standards version 2.0

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Bernd Eckenfels:
> Lars: how about this. You present the directory name in dwww to choose
> documentation. But if there is a .what_is_it file in the directory, you
> read its content:

The way it works now (in my development version), is that if
a directory contains index.html, then that is shown, otherwise
you get a list of files.

All packages are supposed to provide a directory in /usr/doc, and
put their documentation there (except for man and info). dwww's
front page has a link to the directory listing of /usr/doc;
each directory shows up as a link. If you select a link, you
get either a directory listing, or index.html if it exists.

I'll look at creating a nicer listing as well once the Web
standards are implemented. All parts of dwww need to be inspected
and possibly modified to get the new standard working, and I'll
deal with that first.

BTW, anyone know of a way to get man to not generate the headers
and footers? dwww removes them (except that it does it badly, at
the moment, and sometimes manages to remove too much), but it'd
be nicer not to generate them in the first place.

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