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dwww and WWW standards 2.1

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I'd like to check that I've understood everything correctly.

dwww has some template files, a cgi script, some cached files, and 
some pseudo-static files generated from the template files. The
pseudo-static files are generated by dwww-build, which is run by
cron every day. They don't otherwise change.

1. I install the dwww cgi script as /usr/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin/dwww.
   In the dwww.postinst, I install the link /var/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin/dwww 
   pointing at /usr/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin/dwww, and run 
   /usr/sbin/update-debian-www, if it exists.
	Question: Should I always install the link?

2. I install the dwww template files into /usr/lib/dwww, since no-one
   but dwww-build needs to read them. dwww-build uses the template files
   to build the pseudo-static files into /var/lib/debian-www/documents/dwww.
   The dwww front page will then be accessible as
3. Manual pages, and files in /usr/doc are to be served through the
   dwww cgi script (they're now sometimes accessed directly via a
   "file:" type URL, but this makes it impossible to have the documents
   accessed remotely).

4. Info pages are to be served through info2www, as before.

5. Cached documents are stored in /var/spool/dwww, as before.

Question: is this new WWW standard going to be part of 1.2 or 1.3?

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