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Bug#5230: vim terminal handling error

Package: vim
Version 4.5-2

The 4.5-2 version of vim with "showmode" enabled puts the "-- INSERT --"
(or whatever) message on the last-but-one line of the screen, not
the last line (as is claimed in the on-line help). Colon commands such
as ":wq" also appear on the last-but-one line rather than the last line
as they ought. This appears to be an off-by-one error somewhere in the
terminal handling, because doing ":set lines=26" in vim in a 25-line
xterm results in the proper behaviour.

This error did not occur in version 3.0-5.

Dave Holland                    93djh2@eng.cam.ac.uk / dave@zenda.demon.co.uk
Trinity Hall, Cambridge, UK                                    (01223) 505596

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