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Bug#3279: ne2000 lockups during instalation

Package: bootdisk/rootdisk
Version: 1.1 BETA

When booting, the bootdisk loads drivers that lock up cheap ne2000 
clones.  this will cause the computer to hang during bootup when the 
ne2000 is in the computer, makeing it impossible to install via NFS.  

I suggest that the bootdisk be stripped of all drivers, and that the 
drivers be made as modules that reside of the rootdisk.  (which appears 
to have plenty of room to me, before it fills up a disk.)

if there are drivers that cannot be modularized, then i recomend makeing 
2 bootdisks, one with no drivers, and one with those drivers.  (then 
still using the same rootdisk)

	Corey Sweeney

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