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cfengine 1.2.25-1 released

Date: 03 Feb 96 19:41 UT
Source: cfengine
Binary: cfengine 
Version: 1.2.25-1
 cfengine: A tool for configuring and maintaining operating systems
Priority: Med
 new maintainer
 fixed missing info files
 fixed location of files in perl scripts
 added daily and weekly cron-jobs
 -rw-r-----   1 bcwhite  239410 Feb  3 14:32 cfengine-1.2.25-1.tar.gz
 -rw-r-----   1 bcwhite    3671 Feb  3 14:32 cfengine-1.2.25-1.diff.gz
 -rw-r--r--   1 bcwhite  257196 Feb  3 14:30 cfengine-1.2.25-1.deb
 567d58aa4020493d9d12a0e267aa728a  cfengine-1.2.25-1.tar.gz
 9dc10b045e5893dc96e9853e939a0408  cfengine-1.2.25-1.diff.gz
 2d7d675409021f48419365ebb2203e47  cfengine-1.2.25-1.deb

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