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re:Virtual package: postscript-preview

>AISI, two packages providing the same virtual package don't conflict, 
>they augment. ISTM that depends and conflicts are handled other ways.

Great!  That's all I wanted to be sure of.

>I'm not sure how vi and emacs might *conflict*. More than the user who 
>wants to use it, there are packages that may prefer vi to emacs (for 
>instance news readers that use vi as the default editor) but again this 
>is a depends issue not a conflicts.

They shouldn't.  That's why I used them as an example of how virtual
packages could be bad if virtual packages did conflict.

>BTW, this discussion began when I asked if it was ok to add a new vp to 
>the list, rather than the more fundamental underlying principles of the 
>provides field. On the other hand I have certainly gained from the 
>discussion so far.

I never thought about this aspect of it before.  I have two postscript
viewers at work with each having its own advantages.  I wanted to make
sure such things would not become mutually exclusive when they did not
need to be.

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    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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