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Re: New ftp method for dselect

(Replying to my own message -- bad, I know...)

>3) Both version-strings and package-names may contain dashes so dashes
>cannot be used to flawlessly determine where versions & revisions are.

I looked into this more closely and it seems that most of the packages
that once had dashes in the version stings are now gone.  If neither
the version nor revision strings can have dashes, then counting "-"'s
will break up the filename without having rename all the packages with
"--" in them.

Exceptions:  (the ones I saw, anyway)

Of course, this requires all fields to be present (including "revision")
even if they are not strictly neccessary (eg. "dpkg").

>4) Some packages (notably "dpkg") doesn't even have a revision number.
>If the primary people involved won't standardize the name on their own
>packages, don't count on it getting done.

Hmmm...  Reading this again it seems rather harsh.  My appologies!  It
was not intended as such.

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