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Bug#2045: smb[u]mount not suid root

Where does it say they are suid safe? What is different between a user mounting
a NFS and a smbfs, why should normal users be able to do this?

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Subject: Bug#2045: smb[u]mount not suid root
Author:  "rob"@advantage.org@INTERNET@MAILGW at DECPostmaster
Date:    19/12/95 9:39 AM

Package: ksmbfs
Version: 0.2.4-2

The `smbmount' and `smbumount' commands are supposed to be suid-safe so that
normal users can mount and unmount SMB filesystems.

Could the package please install these suid root, or perhaps at least query
the user to see if they should be?

If they are installed suid root, they should also probably go in /bin or
/usr/bin rather than /sbin? I'd prefer /usr/bin, but either would be fine.


Robert Leslie

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