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New Maintainer Status Report

Wichert requested that I make a report on the progress being made by the
New Maintainer Team. So here is what we have been up to:

Taketoshi Sano has been getting down to work on the web page for the "New
Maintainer Corner", and it sounds like he will be ready, whenever we get
our materials completed.

Oliver Elphick has offered to put together the DBMS back end to support the
web pages data input and data display components. It sounds like the
interface will be PHP.

Darren Benham agreed to do something with an Applicant's FAQ, to cover the
bases of what to do if the application process fails, and who to contact
if your normal contact goes away. I expect this to grow to contain details
that aren't available in any of our other documents. This will also be
incorporated into the web pages.

At this point we have an Applicant's Checklist, and are working on the
detailed descriptions of each of the 12 steps outlined in that list. We
are currently about half way through the list, but the last half is
somewhat simpler than the first, so we should be able to complete the
process description by the end of this week, assuming I can find the time
to write up the details.

As soon as we have a complete set of operating procedures set down, we
will run a "test case" through the process to shake out any issues we
missed in our debate. Once we have a proof of concept working, we will
begin on the backlog of folks who have been waiting patiently, working
with a sponsor, in preparation for the reopening.

As soon as all the particulars are available on the web pages, we will be
ready to accept new applications. It is our hope that this will all come
together within the next one to two weeks, but this depends as much on
luck as on the efforts we are making to come to closure.

If you can't wait for the web pages to be opened, in order to find out
what kind of process we have constructed, feel free to subscribe to
nm-discuss by sending a message to:


with subscribe in the subject line, or you can go to the web page at:


where you can subscribe, or just look over the mailing list archives to
see what has been going on. All the traffic on nm-admin is cc'd to this
list, so you get all the work postings plus all the comments made outside
the group of Application Managers.

Wish us luck, as I hope to make a "Grand Re-opening" announcement as my
next report.

Waiting is,

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