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Adv Information Travel Auction Cruises from $99


I have met you in Ebay and you are in my auction address book. I would like to 
invite you to a new largest online travel auction site http://travel.nuauction.com They 
are giving away PCs, Cruises, TShirts, Laptops etc. Registration is FREE, Listings 
are FREE and No Purchase Required. I am listed and trading at this site.

Please give my user ID "MsDiana"  when you register at this site. It takes 2 min to 
register and you may win one of the few thousand giveaways they have !!

See you there

Diana Roberts

If you would like to be removed from my address book please send a blank email 
with "remove" in subject field to diana@web.be.ru

Thank you for reading my message and you have a Great Day !
Visit the Best Auction Site with the Most Giveaway's http://www.travel.nuauction.com


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