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Release Plans (19990513)

(Please send followups to this mail to debian-devel, not debian-devel-announce)

This is what I learned from the responses to the previous announcement.

  Boot disks:
Creating disk sets with the much larger 2.2 kernels is proving difficult.
This is likely to delay the freeze unless the boot-floppies team gets
some help.

  CD Images:
The tools that create the CD images could use some fixing.  Join the
debian-cd list if you wish to help.

PowerPC will also release with potato.  That makes the full list:
                  i386 m68k alpha sparc powerpc

Ben Collins sponsored full pamification as a release goal.  The main
packages that need work are the shadow suite, and xdm.

 Perl 5.005:
Two people volunteered as coordinator for this, and promptly got
into an argument :-)  I'll pick "wait and see" on this one.

Richard Braakman

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