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Use of the -devel-announce list

Please can I encourage anyone posting to -devel-announce to ensure
that they have set the Reply-To: field to something sensible, and to
encourage anyone replying to a -devel-announce posting to check where
they are sending their reply.  (Hint: -devel-announce is usually not

This is meant to be a very low volume announcement list, and it would
be good to keep it that way.

Question: would it be worth making -devel-announce a moderated list?



  Julian Gilbey, Dept of Maths, QMW, Univ. of London. J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk
             Debian GNU/Linux Developer.  jdg@debian.org
       -*- Finger jdg@master.debian.org for my PGP public key. -*-

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