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Re: DebianArt ideas...

[seems my mail didnt get through list, resending]

On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 06:04:20PM -0300, Valessio S Brito wrote:
> These days, to release a new theme or to modify the project's visual
> identity, many different teams/maintainers must be contacted, in
> different lists (kde, xfce, gnome, etc). 

Or just debian-desktop which have been created for this?

> These days, a gdm theme package carries inside it a lot of loose
> themes, my idea is to have "theme-kits" and and stand-alone themes,
> E.G.:
> theme-debian-nightly
>  * theme-gdm-nightly
>  * theme-kde-nightly
>  * theme-base-nightly
>  * theme-usplash-nighty
> a package gdm-themes link to all theme-gdm-*
> Then, a user can install the whole kit, or only it's preferred window
> manager theme. 

Not sure it's worth it. desktop-base deb is like 3.5M, not really huge.


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