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Re: MoreBlue Orbit artwork on Debian (Packages)

On lun, 2008-08-11 at 13:59 -0300, Andre Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira wrote:
> Now, I need help for improve the GDM, KDM and Ksplash themes for to
> use this images. Valessio? Fabo? Corsac ?
> I'm in #debian-desktop....Call-me there!

Ok, I made a theme for slim:


(untar, copy to /usr/share/slim/themes and adjust in /etc/slim.conf)

I'll open a wishlist bug against sim to have it included, but basically
I just used the previous moreblue theme and converted the svg background
in png background. As, iirc, we will provide a png version anyway, the
theme could ship a link to the default background (and thus it would be
automagically picked up at each release. But that's the choice of the
maintainer (hello Mike :) ).

For Xfce, we everything should already be setup (nothing changed since
etch wrt theme handling) so as soon as desktop-base with new images are
uploaded, it'll start to display them.


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