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debian control center alioth project

Oi folks,

Because every people interested on debian control center project is wide
spread and we don't have a common place yet, I'm sending this mail to
both mailing lists, trying to call for precisely those ones :)

I would only like to tell an alioth project for dcontrol has been
created, over here:

Wiki'ed information about dcontrol as well as IRC meeting minute can be
found here:

If you feel like in the mood for helping, in any kind, feel free to drop
me an email, in order to add you to the alioth project.

Thanks in advance for everyone interested,

David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net>
 PGP 356E16CD - 84F0 E180 8AF6 E8D0 842F  B520 63F3 08DB 356E 16CD

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