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Debian config tool (control center) IRC meeting

Hello all,

Briefly: In the last DebConf at Brazil, some of us had the idea for
creating a Debian configuration tool (similar to those control centers
on other distributions) oriented for desktop/newbie users due to the
lack of some general and _complete_ integrated tool to make a general

At DebConf, Gustavo Noronha organized a BOF to talk about all these
things[1]. Although it only ended on a talk, without proper decisions.

We have discussed some ways and ideas to handle other tools, for
example, the configlets, or gkdebconf, config4gnu, as well as other
nostalgic tools (webmin, linuxconf, etc).

The main idea for the (not yet a name proposed and probably named as)
Debian Control Center is to bring users the capacity to make a complete
configuration of «everything» in their systems, with portability on
mind, to let it use on any graphic toolkit (and even with a web-based
port, CLI-port, etc.), and of course with easy and (hopefully) eye-candy

What have it been done? Nothing yet, there are many people interested on
helping on this, although we have no plans or work done yet.

This is why we want to invite every interested person to get involved on
the project and participate in the IRC meeting-brainstorm which will be
celebrated next Sunday, July 18th 2004, at 16:00 GMT, at #debian-desktop
on irc.debian.org.

This effort is also done to impel and work on Debian Desktop subproject.

Thanks in advance,

1: http://lists.debian.org/debian-desktop/2004/05/msg00025.html

David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net>
 PGP 356E16CD - 84F0 E180 8AF6 E8D0 842F  B520 63F3 08DB 356E 16CD

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