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Re: Gnome menu management

On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 01:52:11PM +0300, AKL. Mantas Kriauciunas wrote:
> Hi,
> Scott James Remnant <scott@netsplit.com> wrote:
> > On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 14:19 +0300, &#x17D;ygimantas Augilius wrote:
> > > Maybe debian-desktop or debian-gtk-gnome could decide, which
> > > applications should be included in Gnome menu?
> > > 
> > Speaking from the peanut gallery; I only want to see GNOME applications
> > in the GNOME menu.  The correct solution for non-tech people is to
> > ensure there's a GNOME app/shell that does the job of the one they're
> > lookingfor.
>   Which application is a GNOME application and who decides this ? If some 
> software uses some gnome libraries (for example GTK+) can someone call this
> a GNOME application? On the other hand - why users should find easily not
> user-friendly application, based on GTK+, but hardly to find user-friendly
> application, based on other libraries, like SDL or xlibs ?

The main point is that there should be only one menu offer, and not 2
(or even three as it was previously, where you had the gnome menu, which
included the debian menu and then also the KDE on, if i remember well).

Basically, everything should be accessible from the top menu system, be
it gnome, KDE, or some other stuff.

The problem to solve is how to achieve that without overcrowding the
menu and making things impossible to find.

Also, it is currently possible to manually set the menu at a per user
basis, if i am not wrong about this, so maybe it would be usefull to
provide an app, with maybe a low priority debconf question or something
such to ask about this, to control which package goes into the menu and
which one not.

Or maybe there is already a menu controlling gnome app ? 


Sven Luther

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