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Re: menu management

In addition, it would be nice if there was a way that by using DebConf a
user could answer a question like:

#> dpkg-reconfigure menu
#> Do you want menus to use the following layout:
1. Strict (Only Gnome. No sub-menu for Debian)
2. Normal (the way it is now)
3. Popularity Contest (Gnome menu to show only most popular apps)
4. Custom (do not ever update my menu. Thank you very much)

I have no idea how hard/easy this would be to implement.
Just a thought...

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 02:22 +0200, q@nupi.com wrote:
> hi,
> if programs would only show up in the gnome *or* the debian menu i could
> accept 
> two menu structures. but since all apps in the gnome menu
> show up again in the debian menu, the debian menu unusable.
> some examples:
> why is "GNOME Search Tool" in "Debian Menu/Apps/Tools"
> why is "System Tools"  and "Desktop Preferences" in   "Debian
> Menu/Apps/System" again.
> why do they have different names
>  "Desktop Preferences/Advanced/Login Photo" 
>  is the same as 
>  "Debian Menu/Apps/System/GDM Photo Setup"
> do not look at "Games" and "Debian Menu/Games" than you only install
> gnome-games.
> is there a menu guideline for package maintainers?
> how could it be managed that apps show only up once in the menu?

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